Innovation Day 2020
Climate Change

Innovating with purpose

Innovation Day 2020 - Climate Change.
With the support and sponsorship of Microsoft.
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A few words about the event and our commitment to explore ways to improve the environment by innovating

The world’s climate experts agree that the world must take urgent action to bring down emissions. Ultimately, we must reach “net zero” emissions, meaning that humanity must remove as much carbon as it emits each year. This will take aggressive approaches, new technology that doesn’t exist today, and innovative public policy. It is an ambitious – even audacious – goal, but science tells us that it’s a goal of fundamental importance to every person alive today and for every generation to follow. By 2030 Microsoft will be carbon negative, and by 2050 Microsoft will remove from the environment all the carbon the company has emitted either directly or by electrical consumption since it was founded in 1975. While a hackathon doesn't have a direct impact on emissions reduction, we truly believe that is a step to the right direction.

Innovation Days

Innovation Days generate ideas and create prototypes that solve real world problems by using strategic design thinking and innovative technology.

For this innovation day, Tigerspike was privileged to partner with Microsoft in consultation with NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment and the Australian National University – two of the most active organisations in Australia (through policies & initiatives) that contribute to the reduction of emissions that cause the greenhouse effect.

Attending Organisations

We worked with NSW DPIE and the ANU to capture the context, data and insights needed in order to shape the opportunity statements each team would use for the Innovation Day. Each of the four innovation teams worked collaboratively to select a statement, and ideate on how to address the challenge.

Representatives from NSW DPIE and ANU were available as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Data and technology experts provided the teams with support required throughout the day.

About this website

This website is a summary of the remote (online) event that took place on Friday 25th of September. It includes summaries of the 4 innovation teams outputs. We are committed to exploring how design thinking and innovative technology, leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud services, can positively influence the behaviour of people towards a better environment.

Through Innovation Days like this, we are delighted to curate and participate in explorations that can improve people's lives through technology, leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform and cloud services.

Climate Change Opportunity Statements & Outputs from the day

How might we give retailers and services providers tools & resources to provide guidance to their customers when purchasing energy efficient appliances and seeking advice on reducing their energy bills? Lean more

How might we encourage and empower individuals (and groups) to adopt greener / more climate friendly behaviour? Learn more

How might we improve consumer confidence and encourage individuals to purchase carbon offsets at a point of sale to counter their emissions? Learn more

How might we share climate data in a way that drives positive behavioural change at an individual and or community level? Learn more

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